Maximum Grip Slip Resistive Safety Floor Coating

Maximum Grip Slip Resistive Safety Floor Coating

Crommelin® Maximum Grip is a heavy duty textured coating for concrete surfaces where a slip resistive finish is required. Perfect for the demarcation of areas, as per Australian workplace safety signage requirements.

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  • Features & Benefits
  • Areas of Use

Features & Benefits

•    Heavy duty slip resistive finish.
•    Maximum substrate adhesion and high durability.
•    Easy application and repair.
•    UV stable – interior and exterior application.
•    Fast drying.

Areas of Use


Stair wells, plant rooms, sloping surfaces, workshop floors, warehouses and concrete areas.
Red: Demarcation for areas of danger, fire protection equipment, emergency stop buttons and defective products.
Yellow: Demarcation for areas of hazard, warning of projections, low doorways, steps, traveling conveyors, overhead suspended items, posts, columns, pedestrian walkways and traffic markings.
Blue: Demarcation for areas of PPE storage, information notice boards, parking areas, entrances and equipment.
Green: Demarcation for areas of first aid facilities, safety showers, respiratory and rescue equipment, safety instructions, exit signs and safe zone pedestrian walkways.
Clear: For areas such as steps, ramps and where a clear slip resistive coating is required.


Note: A test patch is recommended prior to full application to access colour suitability, coating adhesion and slip-resistive finish.



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