Fix & Finish colour

Fix & Finish colour

Premium exterior waterproof paint to fix, colour and waterproof aged, damaged and new walls.

Fix & Finish colour is an all in one, high solids water based coating that delivers a contemporary decorative finish, plus the added security of excellent waterproofing performance.

Fix & Finish colour’s unique flexible waterproof formula prevents surface damage caused by water ingress, avoiding costly repairs.

Designed for use on multiple new, aged and damaged exterior vertical surfaces such as walls, fences, gates and outdoor structures.

Simply fix, finish and colour in one.

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  • Features & Benefits
  • Areas of Use

Features & Benefits

•    Highly durable with long term UV resistance.
•    Seamless application for leak free performance.
•    Contemporary colour range to suit any decorative theme.
•    Colour, refresh and protect new, aged and damaged surfaces in one.
•    Rejuvenate cracked concrete, render, brick and old painted surfaces.
•    Long lasting waterproof and weather resistant performance.
•    Inhibits rusting metal and timber decay by blocking water ingress.
•    Prevents efflorescence, mould and algae growth.
•    Easy application for professional results. Self-priming on most surfaces.
•    Water based. Low odour. Easy clean up.
•    Available in 8 colours – Ash White, Soft Sandstone, Craggy Stone, Porcini Grey, Warm Shadow, Green Gum, Suede Blue and Red Fox.

Areas of Use

•    Exterior vertical surfaces.   
•    Walls, cladding and fascia.
•    Fences, gates and gutter exteriors.   
•    Verandas and pergolas etc.

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