Superseal is a flexible impregnated foam closure based on compressible polyurethane foam. It provides a positive seal against dust, vermin, moisture, vibration and air. Available in a range of sizes and profiles Superseal joints tolerate large movements and remain permanently flexible.

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  • Features & Benefits
  • Areas of Use

Features & Benefits

  • Highest water resistance of all tested PU foam closures.
  • More flame resistant than comparable foams.
  • Has a uniform cell structure with tighter cell construction than standard PU foams.
  • Clean, non tacky, no mess, lightweight, easy to use
  • More environmentally friendly than traditional PU foams with lower emissions.
  • Meets all of the requirements of the automotive lists of raw materials
  • Good temperature resistance
  • Low permanent deformation

Areas of Use

  • Metal roofing
  • Window and door frame seals
  • Construction of pre-fabricated units (housing units, buses, caravans etc.)
  • Air conditioning ducts
  • Partitions
  • Computer room dust sealing
  • Expansion joint filler
  • Partitions
  • Precast concrete panels and sections
  • Skylights

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