Next Day Sealer

Next Day Sealer

Next Day Sealer is a waterborne sealer and curing compound for freshly poured concrete and in situ limestone-concrete surfaces. It provides temporary immediate dust proofing and assists in stain protection whilst enabling the concrete to release moisture effectively. For longer term protection, Crommelin Enhance WB should be applied to areas subject to reasonable traffic once the beading of water no longer occurs.  In any case consider reapplying Crommelin Enhance WB after 2 years in service.

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  • Features & Benefits
  • Areas of Use

Features & Benefits

  • Waterborne, no solvent fumes
  • Does not change surface appearance
  • Single coat application
  • Highly water repellent
  • Dust proofs surface
  • Resists growth of algae and fungus
  • Assists curing when applied to fresh concrete
  • Surface binding properties

Areas of Use

  • Newly installed in-situ concrete paving
  • Newly installed limestone-concrete paving

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