Safecure 20

Safecure 20 is a surface treatment formulated to retain concrete curing moisture during cure without the need for physical covering or additional water application.

Safecure 20 is a transparent, quick drying, one component water based liquid that is applied to newly poured concrete surfaces, rapidly forming an impervious film which allows the concrete to cure properly.

Safecure 20 is free of solvent fumes, oil, waxes, chlorinated rubbers or associated carbon tetrachloride. Safecure 20 does not comply with AS 3799 or ASTM C309.

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  • Features & Benefits
  • Areas of Use

Features & Benefits

  • Retains moisture during concrete curing.
  • Improves concrete cure process and attainment of full concrete performance characteristics.
  • Trafficable, increases surface strength and reduces dust.
  • Clear, UV stable finish.
  • Prevents ingress of ponded water.
  • Seals out construction stains.

Areas of Use


  • Horizontal and Vertical Surfaces

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