Next Day SB

Next Day SB is a solvent based clear coating suited for use in both green and existing concrete. Next Day SB will provide a low sheen to gloss finish and good colour enhancement of pigments and oxides leaving a 'wet look'.

Next Day SB is particularly suited to provide stain resistance and protection to freshly laid concrete 24 hours after the concrete is poured. When concrete has fully cured, or 28 days after installation, apply Enhance Gloss or Enhance Satin for increased and longer term protection.

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  • Features & Benefits
  • Areas of Use

Features & Benefits

  • Provides protection to concrete 24 hours after pouring
  • Provides a clear, non yellowing film
  • Resists oil, grease and general dirt pick up
  • Suppresses efflorescence
  • Economical

Areas of Use

  • All previously uncoated areas of concrete requireing a stain resistant durable finish
  • Domestic walkways and driveways
  • Warehouse floors
  • Shopping malls
  • Pedestrian areas
  • Pattern concrete
  • Stinecilled concrete

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