Anti Graffitti

  • Barricade® 3S

    Barricade® 3S

    Barricade® 3S is a clear waterborne treatment used to strengthen the surface of natural limestone...

  • Barricade® NS

    Barricade® NS

    Barricade® NS is a waterborne non-sacrificial anti-graffiti coating incorporating a specialized polymer system that provides...

  • Barricade® RGB

    Barricade® RGB

    Barricade® RGB is a waterborne sacrificial anti-graffiti coating incorporating a specialised polymer system that provides...

  • Enhance Pre-Seal

    Moss, Algae & Mould Cleaner and Pre-Sealer Treatment.

  • HD Cleaner

    HD Cleaner

    HD Cleaner is a general purpose degreaser and cleaner designed to remove grease, grime and...

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