Surface Coating

  • Enhance Colours

    Enhance Colours

    Enhance Colours is a 2L tinting system designed to compliment Crommelin™ Enhance Satin and Gloss...

  • Enhance Gloss

    Enhance Gloss

    Enhance Gloss is a tough gloss finish surface treatment that provides a classic “wet look”...

  • Enhance Satin

    Enhance Satin

    Enhance Satin is a tough satin finish surface treatment that provides protection, restores & enhances...

  • Enhance Tintable

    Enhance Tintable

    Tintable clear base for use with Enhance Colours Tints.

  • Enhance WB

    Enhance WB

    Enhance WB provides a clear, hard wearing water repellent coating that will enhance and protect...

  • HD Cleaner

    HD Cleaner

    HD Cleaner is a general purpose degreaser and cleaner designed to remove grease, grime and...

  • Slate Sealer

    Slate Sealer

    Slate Sealer is a high gloss, durable coating that seals and protects old and new...

  • Stain Repel

    Stain Repel

    Stain Repel is a unique waterborne surface treatment with great resistance to chemicals and staining...

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