Membryl® is a waterborne elastomeric waterproofing membrane with outstanding long-term UV stability. Membryl® is an effective anti-carbonation membrane for concrete as it exceeds the “Klopfer Criterion” requirements of Sd < 4m and R > 50m.

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  • Features & Benefits
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Features & Benefits

  • Seamless waterproofing system - liquid applied with no joints or laps, not allowing ingress of water or contaminants
  • Elastomeric, even after weathering 
  • Anti-carbonation protection of concrete 
  • Tough - high tensile strength and hardness 
  • Allows substrate to breathe 
  • Fungal and algal resistive - an extended life and clean appearance in high humidity environments 
  • Fire and flame resistive 
  • Chemical attack resistive 
  • Decorative – available in a wide range of durable colours 
  • Excellent resistance to dirt pick up 
  • Very high adhesive strength - no primer required on most surfaces
  •  High build - bridges fine cracks 
  • Resistive to impact and light traffic damage 
  • Weatherproof and lightfast 
  • Reflective properties aid in reducing internal air temperatures by up to 20 degrees C
  • Aids in reduction of CO2 emissions 
  • Energy and cost efficient 
  •  Resistant to chemical attack 
  • Very high adhesive strength - no primer required on most surfaces 
  • Weatherproof and lightfast 
  • Fungal and algal resistant in high humidity environments 
  • Excellent dirt pick up resistance 
  • Tough - high tensile strength and hardness Low VOC

Areas of Use

  • Concrete structures
  • Concrete roof areas
  • Internal walls
  • External walls - concrete, concrete block, brick and other masonry surfaces.


Consistent with the 50 year history of Crommelin, our management team is committed to providing all customers with sound technical advice, innovative products and acceptance of responsibilities associated with our specifications and systems. Warranties of up to 15 years are issued following Quality Assurance procedures. They consist of tailored specifications, maintenance schedules and on site support. Please contact Crommelin for further information.


  • Subiaco Train Station

    Subiaco Train Station

    A product was needed to seal floors and tilt up panels to prevent water penetration. Leaving a low sheen finish which does not compromise the natural concrete finish,...

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