Bathroom & Kitchen

  • Cemproof Ultra Flex-300

    Cemproof Ultra Flex-300 is a two component, flexible cementitious waterproofing membrane formulated for use in...

  • Contractor Membrane Brush

    Contractor Membrane Brush

    Crommelin Contractor Brushes are designed to quickly and easily apply waterproofing membranes, sealers, paints and...

  • Contractor Membrane Roller Cover

    Contractor Membrane Roller Cover

    Crommelin Membrane Applicator Roller Covers are designed to quickly and easily apply waterproofing membranes, sealers,...

  • Elastoseal® TR

    Elastoseal® TR

    Elastoseal®TR is a high performance synthetic rubber-based membrane, designed to offer waterproofing to areas subjected...

  • Hybrid MS Polyurethane Sealant

    Hybrid MS Polyurethane Sealant

    Crommelin Hybrid MS Polyurethane Sealant is a one part polyurethane based elastomeric sealant and adhesive...

  • Moisture Meter

    Moisture Meter

    The Crommelin® Moisture Meter is a multipurpose measuring tool, suitable for use on most cementitious...

  • Polyfab


    Polyfab is a non woven, rot proof polyester fabric for use in conjunction with liquid...

  • Polyfab BB

    Polyfab BB

    Polyfab BB is a 100mm wide self-adhesive non-woven polyester fabric.

  • Silicone WP Plus

    Silicone WP Plus

    Crommelin Silicone WP Plus is a premium, neutral cure silicone sealant engineered for use in...

  • Tile on Tile Primer

    Tile on Tile Primer

    Tile-on-Tile – Hi performance primer for non porous surfaces is a premium one coat primer...

  • Wetite®


    Wetite® is a waterborne flexible SBR waterproof membrane designed for use under tiled finishes that...

  • Wetite® Rapid

    Wetite® Rapid

    Wetite® Rapid is a high solids, class III membrane, modified to deliver rapid drying and...

  • Wetite® Rapid Grey

    Under tile and wet area waterproofing membrane.

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