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Whether you’re waterproofing a bathroom or balcony, a rooftop or wall, or just something as simple as a plant pot, Crommelin has a watertight and weatherproof solution for all home DIY, trade and commercial projects.
If you have an exterior waterproofing project, check out Crommelin Fix & Finish colour, the exterior waterproof paint that protects and decorates all in one.
For under-tile waterproofing, check out Crommelin Shower Waterproofing Membrane for home DIY projects or Crommelin Wetite for larger commercial jobs.
If your project is below ground, for home DIY projects try Crommelin Blackseal Heavy Duty Water Based Bitumen Waterproofing or Crommelin Exterior Grade Waterproofing, commercially use Crommelin Bitflex or Crommelin Elastoseal HD.
And for the roof, check out Crommelin High UV Resistant Roof & Wall Waterproofing for use at home or Crommelin Membryl for the waterproofing professional.