Crommelin is the leading Australian manufacturer of premium waterproofing membranes, clear and coloured concrete and stone sealers, waterproof decorative paint and other specialty coatings. Crommelin has been developing and manufacturing high quality coatings for over 60 years, proven to perform in the most challenging of Australian conditions.

Crommelin has a long history and extensive background in commercial construction, this understanding and know-how is now available for use at home for the perfect DIY result every time.

So whether you’re waterproofing a shower, rejuvenating a driveway, painting a wall or simply sealing a pot, Crommelin has the product to suit your project.

The Crommelin range is available nationally, from all leading home improvement retailers, hardware stores, building supplies merchants and specialty paint shops. Plus if you’re ever not sure, simply call the Crommelin 7 day a week support hotline on 1800 655 711 for friendly advice, tips and tricks.

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