How to waterproof retaining walls and planter boxes

Crommelin Water Based Bitumen Paint is a heavy duty effective and economical solution for waterproofing retaining walls, planter boxes and other areas.

You Will Need

1 litre of Water Based Bitumen Paint will cover approximately 0.75m(2) of wall area


Water Based Bitumen Paint is best applied by brush

Number of Coats

2 coats are required and should be applied at 90° to each other

Drying Time

Allow 30 minutes between coats Allow 7 days to fully cure before back filling

Clean Up

Crommelin Water Based Bitumen Paint is easily cleaned up with water before it dries. If it is difficult to remove or clean use mineral turps


Apply to a dry surface. To test for moisture, tape down a clear plastic sheet over a small section of the surface to be treated in direct sunlight and leave for 2 hours. If moisture appears on the underside of the sheet the area is too damp

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