Acrylic Roof Coating

Acrylic Roof Coating is a premium 100% acrylic formulation, specifically designed to seal, restore and rejuvenate old and aged roofs to their former colours, or to a new and more modern colour. Acrylic Roof Coating provides a highly durable and flexible finish, formulated for excellent resistance to Australian and South East Asian weather. It not only rejuvenates and restores but also improves the weatherability of the roof, and inhibits the growth of mould and lichen.

Available in batch manufacture quantities only – approx. 850L.

• Weatherproof
• Superior ‘full acrylic’ durability
• Rapid hardness development
• Excellent resistance to dirt pick up.
• Resistant to water whitening
• Colour retentive
• Chalk fade resistance
• Fungal and algal resistant – an extended life and clean appearance in high humidity environments
• High adhesive strength
• High gloss retention
• Lightfast
• Incorporates Cool Roof Technology