Gecko Coving & Crack Repair (Liquid & Aggregate)

Gecko Coving & Crack Repair is a premium quality, 100% solids, 2-part epoxy repair kit, formulated to repair cracks in concrete, masonry, driveways, paths and ponds etc.

Gecko Coving & Crack Repair can be prepared to varying viscosities to suit any particular application.

• Rapid cure – suitable for foot traffic in 2 hours.
• Simply vary mix design to suit viscosity required for the application. Low viscosity for cracks and leveling – high viscosity for coving and concrete repair.
• Conforms to AS4674 – Design, construct and fit-out of food premises.
• Suitable for use with Gecko Epoxyflex and Polyurethane topcoats.
• Excellent substrate adhesion.
• Easy to apply and does not clog sanding / grinding discs once cured.
• Highly durable and chemical resistant.
• Remains flexible to accommodate vibrations and temperature change deformation.
• Solvent free and low odour.