The increasing complexity of building and construction has resulted in a wide variety of different materials and interfaces. Crommelin waterproofing systems are engineered to accommodate most designs and construction details in the key risk area in any building.

Advantages of Liquid Applied Membranes:

Liquid membranes dry to form a permanent highly flexible barrier that enables construction joints and penetrations to be detailed, allowing for extensive movement.

As seamless tanking systems, Crommelin membranes are more reliable than sheet membranes by overcoming the problem of overlap breaks that can occur between lapping areas of sheet membranes.

Liquid membrane technology avoids difficulty in detailing of sheet membrane around complicated construction profiles.

Crommelin liquid membrane technology provides a complete and intimate bond to substrates, eliminating the ability of water to migrate between the membrane and substrate.

Advantages of Liquid Applied Membranes

Commercial Waterproofing Projects

  • Fiona Stanley Hospital

    Fiona Stanley Hospital

    Construction of Fiona Stanley Hospital, completed in December 2013, is the largest building project ever undertaken for the Government of Western Australia. It will be the major tertiary...

  • Hinduston Mills Development

    Hinduston Mills Development

    Elastoseal TR was used on the Hinduston Mills develpoment in 2011 as it is designed to offer long term UV and weather resistance to exposed areas.

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