Every area of paving, stone, concrete or other masonry surface is exposed to varying types of degradation, including pedestrian and vehicle traffic, exposure to natural weathering, chemical or salt attack, graffiti and fungal or algae growth. Sealing these surfaces with Crommelin sealers will:

  • Assisting in maintaining colour of the finish
  • Guard against surface staining
  • Resist the growth of moss and lichen

Crommelin sealers can also be used to revitalize the look of weathered or stained surfaces.

Crommelin sealers are engineered and designed for use in our harsh Australian conditions.  Our products are produced to our strict quality assurance code conforming to ISO 9001.

Types of Sealers

Penetrating Sealers:
Penetrating sealers soak deep into porous surfaces and bond permanently inside the pores. It is from here they provide an integral barrier to moisture and stains and at the same time enabling the treated surface to release moisture or “breathe”.

Penetrating Sealers


Surface Coating Sealers:
These sealers are designed to form a film or physical barrier between the surface and the potential stains. On application they penetrate into surfaces to provide tenacious adhesion. Surface coatings make cleaning significantly easier than penetrating sealers.

Surface Coating Sealers


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